11 April 2014

Design Dilemma - Painting Bulkheads

As of late, I have noticed a common questions amongst my clients, or should I say, the painters on the job sites. I am often asked how I want the bulkheads painted. I have a general rule of thumb when it comes to this issue so let me explain....


28 March 2014

Fun Floral Prints

I am ready for colour. I am ready for colour in my wardrobe with my sundresses, in the landscapes that surround me and in my food. I love when summer growing season is in full swing. There is always such a beautiful array of colour on the table. Today, I was to throw some colour at you with some fun floral prints that will ignite some spring excitement. Floral prints are back on the runways which always translates to then entering into our homes. That's right, it's another trend revival we are seeing. But are you surprised?


14 March 2014

NYC Inspired: Gramercy Park Hotel

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you will have noticed I did some traveling last weekend. My fabulous (and generous) parents decided to take myself and my bridal team to New York City to shop for bridesmaid dresses. It was a whirlwind of a weekend but one I will never forget. My dad was patient as can be while he watched the girls shop and twirl in dresses. He is really one of a kind. One thing I regret is not taking a photo of the entire group in the Big Apple, so I will have to settle for the mental images. I guess I was too busy snapping my surroundings while I was there. What a place for design inspiration!

Bright and early, ready to board the plane. 

12 March 2014

Decorate With Cable Knits

Winter is really holding on this year and today is no exception. As the snow accumulates outside my window, my love hate relationship with the winter season is at an all time high. The novelty of winter has worn off and being cooped up inside all day begins to get to a person. What I am most sick of is my winter "uniform". You know what I am talking about...layers of clothing, tall winter boots, toques, mittens, scarves, etc. I am tired of the same old clothing routine. And while I think about my winter clothes, it reminds me that there is a major decor trend happening right now. It's reminiscent of my winter wardrobe comprised of cable knit sweaters and over sized knits. The cable knit motif has been seen in many faucets of home accents and decor. Being a traditional pattern, cable knit can be infused into any space for an added texture and warmth. Hopefully this post will add a little bit of coziness to your day.


28 February 2014

Home Depot Says "Let's Do Spring!"

Lately, I have been in love with my job but there are some days that I feel overjoyed with what I can call work. The Home Depot's "Let's Do Spring" event was such a fun day at the office. I got a sneak peak into their new outdoor furniture collections, fancy grills, new paint colours and outdoor soft pillows and carpets. With all the colour blocking vignettes, dazzled with candies and treats, I felt like I had conquered winter and that spring is truly around the corner!

21 February 2014

My Favorite Ikea Chairs

This week I drifted through Ikea, dazzled by the new pieces they introduced in 2014. When their catalog was released last year, I noticed Ikea had cooked up some great new designs but it wasn't until yesterday that I saw them with my own eyes. Particularly, their Stockholm collection impressed me but really I am also stunned by the chair options. Go Ikea! You are making it easier for those designing on a shoe string budget.


06 February 2014

Painted Sinks

If you happen to follow me on Pinterest, you will notice I have been pinning a whole lot of ceramic painted sinks this morning. I love them! It makes so much sense to me, at least in a powder room. Powder rooms allow the flexibility of a sink like this. It's bold, interesting and noncommittal. If you decide you are tired of the sink, it's easily replaced. But what's not to love? It's an art piece. You can use the sink's colour or pattern as a jumping off point for your bathroom. If you ask me, these sinks seem to be a win win and an alternative to the glass vessel sink.


04 February 2014

Brass Is Back. For real.

For years now, people keep saying that brass is making a come back in home decor. I didn't believe them... until now. At this year's Interior Design Show (read my review on the show here), many booths seemed to successfully merge all types of metals together in one vignette. I was kind of, well, shocked. It liberated me to think that, yes, perhaps people are right; brass is back. But let me explain...