30 October 2014

Bill Cunningham's Street Style Inspirations

A few weeks back, I spent a weekend away with one of my oldest best friends. We have been friends since we were 12 years old, which impresses me even to think that I am old enough to have had a friend for over 20 years (but that's a whole other blog post). During my visit to Jess' humble abode in Sudbury, we tucked in with tea, Woodrow Fox (her adorable 2 year old) and some good chats. One night, we decided it was a wine and movie kinda night. Jess' sister-in-law recommended the documentary about Bill Cunningham, the NY street style photographer. It was a great recommendation (search his name on Netflix).  He is an interesting man, who's life's work was primarily focused on street style photographs for his New York Times column. He inspired me. He reminded me to get back to my blog and continue to compare fashion to interiors (which is one of my favourite series I write about). I thoroughly enjoy both worlds but often forget to merge the two together to inspire my readers and myself. Today's post is a compilation of some of Bill's photographs, taken from the streets of NY and interiors that I have compiled on my Pineterest board, which inspire me.

Here is Bill doing his thing!

30 September 2014

Oatmeals and Navy Blues

Oatmeal and Navy Blue. It almost sounds nautical, doesn't it? A bit classic, yet current? The trick with this colour palette is to keep both colours on the warm side. This will help you keep clear of the theme-like nautical look. Instead, lean towards beige that has cream undertones, and blues that have some warm gray in it (this will ensure it's not purple!). Here is a colour palette I have been working on for a client with these colour tones...

16 September 2014

Princess Margaret Show Home 2014: Behind The Scenes

I get excited when the Princess Margaret Lottery Home is finally finished and opened to the public. For one, I dream of winning but I guess that's the purpose of this entire lottery. Once again, Brian Gluckstein has designed this year's home, and from what I can see from the final House & Home video, he did not under deliver. As in Gluckstein's style, the house is monochromatic, classic and subtle. His design sense allows the viewer to see themselves in the space by creating a blank canvas for the new homeowner to work with. Personally, I love all the windows, the kitchen, the double sided fireplace in the foyer and the facade of the house. Here is a sneak peak behind the scene video, displaying that it really takes hundreds of people to make an event like this take shape. Now, I am off to go and buy myself a ticket!

11 September 2014

EQ3: Warming Up The Modern

Generally, when I think of EQ3, I associate their products with a certain style; modern, steam line, no fuss and no warmth. If I was designing a condo for a downtown dwelling, I would likely look to EQ3 as a resource, as it often fits the style. However, after a design seminar at their Burlington store, I have changed my mindset about their products. The store has been renovated and now appears to be more open, allowing stages for multiple vignettes to display how their furniture can be used. There is a strong sense of modernity that still remains but with the transition of wood stains becoming lighter and more rustic, it adds a sense of imperfection, which is unusual with modern furniture. They have added a softer colour palette to their rugs and have some great home accents that could work in any space. Also, EQ3 has teamed up with Herman Miller, so for those mid century modern enthusiasts, you don't have to go into Toronto's city centre to find the real deal. 

Here are a few of my favorite things from my visit yesterday at their store:

I love the light fixture, made with strips of fabric above the table. 

21 August 2014

Furniture Planning For Your Home Office

Space planning can be a tricky thing. Often, people design spaces in their heads, move the furniture in and realize.. oops! This happens because furniture pieces are too big for a small space, or they do not consider how they would actually function in the room. That is why pre planning will save you time and aggravation.

If you want your home office to resemble the beauty below, keep reading.


11 August 2014

Tackling the "To-Do" List

Oh, hey! Have you been enjoying the summer? I sure have been! I have been up to all sorts of things, but mainly tackling some of the items on my "to-do" list. There were some pretty major things on the list. See HERE if you can't recall them. And now, I am happy to show some of my handy work that has kept me so focused, so here goes!

1. I got married!! 

(As seen from my Instagram account)

23 June 2014

A Reno Project - Creating A Grand Entrance

I am lucky to be a part of this renovation. It's a beautiful lake side home that is stuck in the 80's and needs some serious improvement. My client called me in after he started to demo the house because he just could not stand it any longer. This house is typical of many in this particular area; the property is incredible, but the house does not represent what a lakeside property should encompass. The house was tired and provided no major impact anywhere. We decided together, we would change that. The first place we started was the foyer.

(Please excuse my poor photos. I wasn't able to get great angles because of the vastness of the space and I didn't expect the demo to be complete when I popped on site last week.)


19 June 2014

Architectural Digest Feature: Malibu Modern

More often than not, I get some serious house envy when I flip through the many pages of the interior magazines I receive each month. I find I switch my interior style, depending on the house I am swooning over. However, there was this one article in particular that really got me. I have some serious house envy over this place, featured in Architectural Digest this month. Seriously. It is so stunning, simple, minimal yet powerful. I love the combination of the earthy elements, mixed in with modern angles and a touch of traditional flare. After seeing this, I had to share it with you. Tell me... isn't this house just amazing!?